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Thank You! We Made It!

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FFM Logo 300x300We have collected about 9,100 signatures which we will turn in today (Monday) at 1:30 to the City Clerk’s office in City Hall. All supporters are invited to attend!!!

Next Steps:

Council members who are supportive of the initiative are under pressure to keep it off the November ballot. Please contact each council member below and tell them not to spend one dime of the taxpayers’ money against the Farmers Market initiative. Urge them to follow the State Election Code and either accept it as written or put it on the November ballot and let the people decide!!!


Email your council members at:

Mayor Scott Gruendl:

Council Member Ritter:

Council Member Stone:

All council member email addresses can be found here:

Sample letter:

Dear <Council Member>,

I support keeping the Saturday morning farmers’ market at its’ current location at 2nd Street and Wall Street in downtown Chico.

The Saturday morning farmers’ market is something that I and my family frequent and thoroughly enjoy. Downtown businesses thrive as a result of its current location and prosperity. The Saturday morning farmers’ market is an integral part of our community and, as it was ranked one of the top five markets in the world by Essential Travel (, it would seem that if any changes were to be made to the market those changes should be to expand it at its current location.

I have signed the petition to put the farmers’ market initiative on the November ballot and let the voters decide on the fate and location of the Saturday morning farmers’ market. As such, and as over 9,000 others have signed the petition as I have, I ask and urge you to follow the State Election Code and either accept this initiative as written or do everything in your power to put this initiative on the November (2014) ballot.

Thank you for your time,


IF YOU HAVE NOT RETURNED PETITIONS: They must be turned in today (Monday) before 12:00 noon in order for us to submit them to the City Clerk at 1:15. Please bring them to 333 Main St., upstairs at the FFM office. No late petitions will be accepted by the City.

Please join us and show your support!!! This is too important to be complacent!!!

Thank you for all of your support and all you have done. Just Remember: You can make a difference!


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