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Mayor Scott Gruendl’s Statement in Support of Farmers’ Market Initiative

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We wanted to share with you Mayor Scott Gruendl’s recent statement supporting the Farmers’ Market Initiative:       

I remain in solidarity with the members of our community that have successfully qualified the Farmers Market Initiative and pledge my authority as an elected official to let the voters speak on November 4th by placing the question on the ballot with other critical questions such as Governor.   

Mayor Scott Gruendl   
June 2, 2014        

We are happy, proud, and confident in our success thus far and very much appreciate our Mayor’s support!

The City Council will make a decision with regard to the Initiative on Tuesday, June 17 (the all day budget session). We believe the item will be heard at 5 PM.


  1. Forest Harlan
    June 8, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Same as last year. All day budget hearing and then, we expect the Councilors to make good decisions after sitting on the dais all day and into the night. This year we gave them our statement about the future of our market.


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