Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it true that the Saturday farmers’ market is moving to another location at the end of the year (2014)?
    • There is a misconception that the Saturday market is simply moving to another location at the end of 2014 due to the City Council not renewing the agreement at the current location. In truth, the market will be without any home whatsoever unless we are able to get the petitions signed and get this initiative on the November (2014) ballot. Once on the ballot, we will need your votes to keep the market alive!
  • I signed up for your email list at the market, was that the petition?
    • No! If you have signed up for our email list we are very grateful but this is not the same thing as the petition. Please sign the petition as soon as possible if you haven’t already by visiting us at the Saturday morning farmers’ market.
  • I heard that a city official said that the initiative to keep the market at its current location is invalid. Is this true?
    • No. Our official response on the matter is as follows: “City attorneys do not represent the voters of the city. It appears that outside interests with inside connections are pressuring the council members behind the scenes. This lawsuit would cost the taxpayers of Chico tens of thousands of dollars. For 100 years the people of CA have had the rights of the Initiative, the Referendum & the Recall. The initiative will qualify and be on the November ballot.”